Introducing the Microheat Automotive Fluid Heater – The most efficient high voltage coolant heating system for thermal management circuits in electric and hybrid vehicles

MicroHeat has developed a patented Fluid Heating Technology for use in thermal management coolant circuits in electric and hybrid vehicles. Our innovative technology is faster, more accurate, and more efficient than any other fluid heater for electric vehicles available today. The fluid heating system adapts dynamically to changing conditions within the vehicle, providing precise and responsive temperature control.

The MicroHeat fluid heating system integrates seamlessly into the coolant circuit, delivering heat for the cabin, battery heating during both operation and charging, as well as for electronics and drives throughout the vehicle. The MicroHeat unit can be fully integrated into the vehicle management system, allowing bi-functional control between the coolant system and the vehicle. The system senses changes in fluid conductivity and adjusts power accordingly, ensuring the most efficient heat transfer and the highest thermal transfer efficiencies at all times.

Our automotive fluid heating system is designed to perform independently, either as a central coolant heating source or at the point of use around the vehicle, reducing coolant line runs and volume while optimizing energy transfer. The unit can also be used as a booster for fast charging or as a standby booster for heat pump solutions.

Compared to existing technologies, MicroHeat Automotive Fluid Heating technology offers several advantages, including:

  • Size reduction
  • Weight reduction
  • Coolant volume reduction
  • Optimized heating energy usage that conserves battery life
  • Accurate and responsive heating temperature control with design flexibility

MicroHeat technology eliminates the traditional problems associated with electric sheathed/bare element heating such as unresponsive temperature control, burn out, thermal inertia, and stress corrosion.

Contact us today to learn more about the MicroHeat Automotive Fluid Heater and how it can benefit your electric or hybrid vehicle.